victory to the rescue!

When an ancient sword from another world transforms into a man, the superhero community expected the work of a longtime foe. But, to their surprise, he became Cheongia City's first resident superhero known only as... Victory. created by Chris V. updates 3 times a week, mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


  • flight victory can fly, and at great speed.
  • strength victory can lift over 100tons.
  • healing victory can heal any wound, even reattach severed limbs.
  • danger sense victory can sense danger within a thousand mile radius.
  • near-invulnerability victory is invulnerable against all forms of weaponry, from bullets to bombs. unless if it is tampered with high levels of magic and "super science".
  • fire breath victory can breathe fire. he can even control the intensity of the flames.

to get a real understanding of his powers, read victory #6

cast membersEdit

  • Tobias Black/black ghost born in Cheongia, a former superhero takes Victory under his wing.
  • Selma Black a 15yr. old girl who's curious about the superhero business.
  • Jamie Kingston coming soon.
  • Derek "D-Man" Goldberg coming soon.
  • Esmeralda friend of Selma Black.


  • Darkus a demon who has the ability to absorb other beings abilities.
  • Nega-Victory a polar opposite of Victory, created by Simple Simon.
  • Simple Simon a cartoony creature with cosmic powers. he plays pranks on victory and plays horrible games.
  • Black Omen a villain who uses shadow powers that can hurt victory.
  • Mistress Anarchy a vampire who wants to turn victory into her vampire minion.
  • the energy beam an energy based villain who vowed revenge on anyone whoever picked on him. his power can even knock out victory.
  • Skabb an adrenaline addicted mutant who challenges superhero and supervillain alike.

Victory: RevampedEdit

In January, 2010, victory's origin got altered and re-numbered back to issue one.

other heroesEdit

  • Bloodwinga superhero who funds and leads the hero corp. bloodwing has doubts about victory and goes as far as experiment on our hero.
  • Americanman the first superhero in this world.
  • Nebula a smart, caring and strong woman who treats victory like her own son.
  • Sada sada is victory and tobias's friend who moved to cheongia city to help victory protect this city.
  • Adonis an actor with superpowers, adonis is arrogant, snobbish and belittles victory whenever he gets the chance.


External linksEdit

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