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Launched in October 2011, Escutcheon's comic, Dueling Heroes, is a comic in the superhero genre that is both written and drawn by BGW (Escutcheon's initials). While being in the Superhero genre, the comic tends to edge outside of its normal genre bounds and incorporates fantasy and science fiction into its main canon.


Dueling Heroes is set in Cetacion City, a place that seems to move through time at a different rate than the rest of the world. As far as time goes, the comic begins around 1982 in Cetacion. The area around Cetacion that is affected by its particular circumstances stretches to about twenty miles around the city's outskirts in all directions, making a rough radius of about 25 miles. In addition to time, Cetacion is almost impossible to get to by traditional means due to the field that causes its circumstances, which also, coincidentally, started in 1982.

What does this mean for the characters? What this means is that Cetacion is isolated from the rest of the world, for most practical means, with its own weather and time. As such, there is no way to tell if there have been more superheroes in the time since (or before, had Cetacion not heard of them)- 1982.

Premise of the ComicEdit

Mysterious and malicious elements surround Cetacion City, a fast-growing metropolis-to-be. Two heroes have risen to defend it against these dangers- and the city may just have a chance- if they can get out of each other's way.

Main Characters So FarEdit

Scareflare (Tim Wizner) - The first hero to show up in the comic, Tim Wizner is Scareflare, a man who exerts power over flame. It seems that he might not truly understand his power to its fullest extents, and tends to do things without necessarily thinking about the consequences, which often gets him in trouble. When not in superhero mode, he is Tim Wizner, the owner and operator of Tim Wizner's Candy Emporium, a popular candy shop in Cetacion. Strangely enough, he can change his hair's color from brown to a flame-like pattern.

Effex (Johnathan Gregory) - Johnathan Gregory is a toy designer whose designs have been so successful, that he's been able to lease the Eastern Factory HQ of Whattatoy Toys Inc., in which he lives, designs and distributes his toys. Due to an incident in the Cetacion Graveyard in which blue and green energies from the Earth tore through him, he has gained significant physical attributes, as well as some connection to the strange energies in and around Cetacion, which has led him to become Effex.

Megi Alswyenn- A young to-be college student- and the former girlfriend of Johnathan Gregory's older brother, Winston Gregory. A fairly new addition to this section, Megi has managed to con Johnathan into letting her stay at Whattatoy Tower (although in a seperate part, for obvious reasons). She has a strange curiosity in caped vigilantes.

Villains So FarEdit

Mug Thornsworth- A former fighting champion, Mug gave up the fighting circuit to join the Red Blade gang in Cetacion. He now works with them, and a strange scientist by the name of Edmon Browning.

Edmon Browning- A scientist whose research seems to be based around magical energies- as well as strange, red speherical devices planted in various places in Cetacion. He seems to be quite rude to Mug.

Paranoious- A strange being, Paranoious has an obsession with magical things- especially his hunt for Magi. He lurks the shadows and has some power over wind. He has been stalking the heroes for some time, though it is unclear how long it was prior to strip 17.


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