Kara Avalynn "Ave" Messer is a comic writer and artist who is involved with Karabear Comics Unlimited, Trans Dimensional Trans Superheroes and Wonder Team. She is the initializer of Crossover Melee.


Ave was born Karl Abraham Messer in Lone Pine, California as the second of four kids and grew up in Redding, California. After finishing high school in Redding, Ave came out as transgender while her family simultaneously moved to Humboldt County for her mom to finish college. There, Ave worked towards her BA in English from Humboldt State.

Being a very introverted person, Ave did not make much friends through school, but maintained a passion for writing and for superheroes. She began writing comic scripts in order to hopefully obtain an artist one day. She also began a comic called Comfortably Numb while in college, but the less said about that, the better.

In 2012, Ave decided to take it upon herself to actually draw her own comics, and started uploading Karabear Comics Unlimited to Drunk Duck. Her hope is that she can entertain, and also obtain artists for her print-only endeavors, which she hopes to make into a line of superhero comics.

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